Monday, April 2, 2012

A few words about this blog

This blog was made initially as an extension to our primer blog, CrazyStuff, mainly because we wanted a fresh version in english. I found now that it is going to be difficult to post here the translated posts from the primer blog because it means we have to work double everytime we have some inspiration. So, we decided to translate the most important ideas and place them here. It will take a while, but it`s ok. :)
We have an active facebook page related to the blog, CrazyStuff (:D) but it`s in romanian because most of our fans, are romanians. And because of this, we created a special facebook page, The Makeup Girls ("Like" button in the right section).
Don`t get us wrong if we`ll make grammar mistakes, we graduated long time ago and we kinda forgot it :))
Like a bonus, i will post a few photos from a few photoshoots taken in the last months. All of them will have the "CrazyStuff" watermark for the obvious reason. (copywright and also, to make you understand that our primer blog is aka CrazyStuff.

The last 3 photos are in original shape, whitout any editing. Smile

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